Meet Susanne

Susann2 With more than 20 years experience in the field of health and healing, Susanne offers you guidance and help in finding and achieving your goals in well being and health.

Practitioner of naturopathic therapies and owner of the Village Clinic in Ottawa, Westboro.

The ultimate goal for me is to help YOU to become your own healer, that’s why I am calling myself your Guide to Health.

Due to the number of years working with my clients I have become enthusiastic about teaching them easy tools to use on their own and allowing them to get in touch with their body by paying attention to their own needs.

While working with my clients I am always looking at all the aspects of the human being, the environment, and relationship between those two.

Becoming a physiotherapist in Germany seemed to be the perfect mix of using all kinds of therapies to treat the body. In my training we used not only exercise therapy, the manipulation of ligaments and fascia, but also the therapeutic use of water, mud, electricity, cupping, reflexology, chiropractic methods, and many more approaches to induce healing.

When I practiced physiotherapy I realized that working on the physical plane very often triggered emotional issues to bubble to the surface. This put me on the path to learning about holistic methods that encompass body, mind, and spirit.

By age 14 I discovered a book in my grandfather’s extensive library about healing with herbs. I was fascinated about the potential of those plants that we often dismiss as “weeds”. Still up to this day I am learning more and more about herbal healing and most recently found out about essential oils a few years ago as another amazing force of nature with the potential to improve health.

Ever since the time of my “discovery” I wanted to learn more about healing the body with the means of gentle and non-invasive methods.