Yuen Therapy

What is the YUEN Method?
The Yuen Method is an energy based technique that is a combination of 5,000 years of ancient Chinese Shaolin temple healing and Western knowledge. The Yuen Method addresses a blend of anatomy, physiology, structural analysis, energy technique, quantum physics and Qi, and Shen Gong Training.
Dr. Kam Yuen D. C. developed this technique after a lifetime of study in the martial arts as well as being a structural engineer, doctor of chiropractic and studying nutritional therapy and homeopathy.
This touch-free method retraces and explores the imbalances that create conditions. It is aimed at finding the root cause of symptoms and eliminates them, restores balance and leads to instant results.

What can you treat with this therapy?
This ground-breaking method treats all health conditions with gentle energy shifts.
It has been most valuable to combine this therapy with homeopathic remedies.

How many session do I need?
One session is often enough to feel major improvements. (I have seen chronic pain going from unbearable to nearly gone within one session).
However, in chronic conditions regular treatments once a week will support the shifts and stabilize them.
It is up to you how much of an improvement you would like to see and therefore how many treatments you would like to get.

You are not sure if this is the right therapy for your health concern?
Give me a call for a 15 min free phone consultation or to book a 15 min free in-person consultation.

How much does it cost?
$80/1h – sliding scale available
Includes 1 homeopathic remedy free of charge.