Water, Drink it!

I have never been good at drinking my 6-8 glasses of water daily. In fact for a while I thought I just couldn’t do it. In saying this, I do hope that despite any doubts you may have it is important to understand why drinking so much water is beneficial and necessary so that you too can find the motivation and dedication to drink more water.

If you are not convinced about the importance of water I would recommend that you read Dr. F. Batmanghelidj’s book or at least go on his website and read some free material that he has made available there. “You’re not sick, you are thirsty” is his main message.

I have known this for many years but since water as such was not considered a beverage in my childhood I had to train myself to consumer enough water, one of the most natural ways of getting sufficient hydration.

Could it truly be possible that most of our diseases are caused by dehydration?

Recently I was finally forced to increase my water intake. So I had to create a strategy that works for me. Here is what I thought: We are usually sleeping 7-8 hours a day which means we’re awake for at least 16 hours. So I can drink one glass of water every two hours. Braking down this “task” made it much easier for me to think of drinking water and less intimidating than seeing 8 glasses or a huge jug full of water in front of me.
So I start right in the morning drinking one glass. I put the empty glass in front of me or in an area that I notice it often enough. This reminds me usually to fill it up again and drink one more.

What was the result? After a few days I actually started to feel thirsty and longed for water. I had re-established the connection to my body’s need again. I am also starting to feel less tired due to this increased water intake.

I hope this encourages you too to look at your drinking habits if you’re not already getting enough of this precious liquid.

Please feel welcomed to share any thoughts you may have on this topic, any ideas or suggestions to get motivated to drink more water, or why you think water is important.

2 thoughts on “Water, Drink it!

  1. good point. But I would expect that there is no rule in the universe saying that we need a certain amount of water per day. Our body should signal by making us thirsty that we need to drink. Perhaps we are so overstimulated that our brains don’t understand the signals of our bodies anymore and so we drink to little, eat too much or don’t sleep enough? But there is hope, because we still won’t die from forgetting about drinking or eating, but we may become sick and don’t realize the root cause of our symptoms.

    1. yes, good points made
      it is often a challenge to find the root cause
      however, the 4 pillars of health are good nutrition, optimal sleep, hydration, and exercise
      strengthening those first can make a big difference already

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